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2020-05-06 23:10:44
"As Quoted From Yell on 16 Mar 2020" Definitely a great choice Mike is an amazing instructor helping me pass the test at the first time. He’s so professional and nice like my uncle. He knows all the test routes and skills to let me pass the test and driving safely and smoothly in life. We practiced everything together yesterday which is tested today. I can’t imagine how he can predict that so precisely and accurately. I can 100% trust him both driving and living. He treated me like his daughter and made me laugh a lot. It’s a lovely journey to having lessons with him. I never feel bored or unhappy. He’s reliable and nice all the time. I never see him angry. He picked me up on time and send me home safety. He also introduced friends to me. I can’t find any instructor better than him.
2020-05-06 23:09:18
"As Quoted From Yell on 27 Feb 2020" AMAZINGGGGGG I can’t even explain in words how quickly the time has flown by. I started my lessons start of this year and today is the day I passed. I can not thank Mike enough for being sooooooo amazing and being the best teacher/ instructor ever. I previously took lessons from another instructor but I AM SOOO GLAD I CHANGED!!! I would do it all over again. So glad I passed but sad at the same time since I won’t see Mike again. Laura would message me and call me to update me about everything. I love how punctual and consistent they are. Thank you Mike and Laura. You both are sooooo amazing. I’m lucky I found Omari. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. Thank you so so much for being so patient with me and teaching me how to drive in the bestest way possible. I had soo much fun. I will be recommending to EVERYONE!!!!!
2020-05-06 23:06:36
"As Quoted From Yell on 19 Feb 2020" An Experience of a Life Time A big thank you to Mike; my driving instructor who guided and helped me throughout the lessons to pass my practical driving test. I passed my driving test in the first attempt and with zero faults in the driving test. Without his tactical approach and support I would have never passed it. He always made sure that I understood every aspect of driving in the UK and all the credit goes to Mike for all the efforts he has put into teaching me driving. Mike has a lot of patience and teaches in a very professional manner. He is a very friendly person.His sense of humour is very good and an amazing instructor, I would personally recommend anyone who is learning to drive in the UK should definitely learn driving from Mike and I am 100% sure you will never regret your decision to learn driving with him as U will get 100% results plus the lessons are very good value for money when u compare with other driving schools. I would definitely recommend Omari Automatic Driving School for new pupils.
2020-05-06 23:05:08
"As Quoted From Yell on 07 Feb 2020" Great instructor First thing about Mike is his smile, infectious energy and enthusiasm to teach as he does this passionately. He is a great instructor and his teaching method is very good, very punctual, always on time, I will definitely recommend this instructor to learners. Thank you Mike, I passed!!!
2020-05-06 23:03:05
"As Quoted From Yell on 16 Jan 2020" Great instructor Absolutely a great instructor Mike. his teaching method is very good, very punctual, always on time, I will definitely recommend this instructor to learners
2020-05-06 23:01:24
"As Quoted From Yell on 13 Jan 2020" A Student's Review I absolutely love learning with Mike. He is the best Instructor. He teaches you everything even the finer skills of driving with patience and great professionalism. He is very friendly and helpful and listens to your questions very carefully and guides you accordingly. Even if you don't question anything he still keeps telling you the safety and skills needed to drive on the road and you (the learner) benefit alot from that. He is very jolly and 2 hours of my lesson flies with him. He is absolutely a great great Instructor, teacher and someone I can call my friend. Thankyou Mike for teaching me all the skills and road safety needed to drive on the road. My wife will be the next student of Mike and I advise everyone reading this to take lessons from Mike as I tried a lot of Instructors but was not happy but the moment I started learning from Mike I knew he is the one as he is simply the best. Keep up your great work Mike. Kind Regards Syed Bokhari
2020-05-06 22:59:10
"As Quoted From Yell on 10 Jan 2020" Life changing Mike is amazing, knowledgeable, supportive and calm, everything you'd need in a driving inspector I was really happy to find Mik, He was never late and never cancelled any lessons. Yesterday I passed my driving test and my husband passed his test a month ago all thanks to Mik Thank you Mik for all your help and encouragement and I would like to thank Laura for helping me anytime we needed information and further arranged appointments. I would highly recommend omari automatic driving school and I cant recommend Mik enough as an instructor Thank you Mik and Laura you will be deeply missed
2020-05-06 22:57:07
"As Quoted From Yell on 06 Jan 2020" Mike - the best instructor in the UK Thank you very much for great driving experience.Today I passed my driving test and I want to say THANK YOU to Mike.He is the best teacher in England.He is always patient, friendly and smiled. I recommend all people this beautiful driving school. I am very happy that I met Mike and he was my instructor. Thank you a lot.
2020-05-06 22:47:48
"As Quoted From Yell on 02 Jan 2020" Mike driving lessons... I am very impressed with Mikes teaching, he has increased my driving skills and I couldn’t thank him enough for encouraging me to pass.
2020-05-06 22:45:35
"As Quoted From Yell on 31 Dec 2019" My Experience with Omari Automatic Driving School Omari Automatic Driving School is Fantastic! I passed my driving test yesterday from the first attempt; my experience with Omari was extremely amazing. I had my lessons with Mike, who is excellent, very attentive and a professional with lots of experiences. He explained everything in details and covered most of exam routes; he makes each lesson fun and enjoyable in a professional way. Thank you Laura for your helping by arranging my lessons and reminding me all the time. Mike, I can’t thank you enough! I definitely 100% recommended Omari Driving School because they are professionals!
2020-05-06 22:43:46
"As Quoted From Yell on 18 Dec 2019" 6 stars! I started learning to drive with Mike 13 weeks ago and today I passed my test. This is testament to the skills, experience and knowledge that Mike has imparted on me through his engaging and encouraging style. On top of being a great instructor he’s a great guy too, it was a pleasure spending the 2 hour lessons in the car with him. Thanks Mike!
2020-05-06 22:41:45
"As Quoted From Yell on 26 Nov 2019" Best driving school around. I contacted Omari Driving School in October. I was quickly given an instructor and began my driving lessons within a few days. From the start I was driving on the roads, using various routes and learning so much. My instructor is Mike, I highly recommend him. He has an excellent way of teaching in a calm professional manner and has really helped boost my driving skills and most of all boost my confidence. I experienced bad instructors before and really wish I had Mike from the start. Absolute gentleman and always look forward to my next lesson with him. Recommended this Driving School and Mike 100% for anyone wanting the best experience in learning to drive. Thank you.
2020-05-06 22:32:55
"As Quoted From Yell " I would recommend Mike makes you feel at ease when you are driving. He makes the lessons fun as he is a funny guy who makes you laugh. You drive from your first lesson which helps a lot. I definitely recommend this driving school they are very professional.
2019-11-15 21:59:41
"As Quoted From Yell "I'm a student of Omari Driving school and I took my driving exam early this morning, ace it and passed the exam for my first try. A Very Big Thanks to all the Omari driving school staff and so much respect to my instructor Mike for all the hard work in teaching and helping me to learn all the basics of driving. I will really miss our weekend driving lessons and will surely stay in touch for me to learn more about driving and enhance more my skills. I do recommend the Omari Driving school to all who want to learn how to drive, if not with them I will still be doubting myself if i can drive and super low confident when it comes to driving.
2019-11-15 21:58:32
"As Quoted From Yell "Best driving school in Manchester! Mike is the most patient, reliable and effective driving instructor I have ever used. He makes each lesson fun and enjoyable whilst remaining professional at all times. Driving straight away from the first lesson as it should be. Thankyou so much Mike for all your patience and hardwork and helping me to be a confident and safe driver. I will miss our lessons.
2019-11-15 21:57:28
"As Quoted From Yell "Mike is the best person ever, thank you so so much for your support because I passed today. I will always recommend you.
2019-11-15 21:56:03
"As Quoted From Yell "Recently moved to Manchester, was looking for a driving school near by. Found Omari Automatic Driving School. I got in contact with them through their website...As a beginner, I wouldn't have asked for a better instructor. Mike is very knowledgeable of what he is doing, full of personality and very attentive. My first few hours, I was terrified of driving, but he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He is very understanding and will boost your confidence. Mike is a huge asset to the driving School. The best driving School and best instructor Mike.. 100% recommend.
2019-10-16 22:05:24
"As Quoted From Yell " I passed my driving test thanks to Mike at OMARI AUTOMATIC DRIVING SCHOOL I'm so grateful to have such a genuine & helpful instructor. Mike is patient and he makes your lessons more relaxed which makes me look forward to each of my lessons. He goes out of his way and supports you every step so you can pass your driving. His learning style is very unique and different. Having to start my work early morning and finish late evenings, he agreed to give me early lessons as early as 4 AM, sounds crazy I know , but for Mike his pupils always come first. I definitely recommend OMARI AUTOMATIC DRIVING SCHOOL for anyone as I have had the best experience.
2019-10-16 22:04:38
"As Quoted From Yell " I cannot recommend Omari automatic driving school enough. Mike has been such a great support. He's reassuring and calm; which I'm sure anyone looking to learn to drive, will appreciate is very helpful. After 10 years of putting it off and my second baby on the way...I had questioned whether it was achievable! I really appreciate all of your help and support toward finally reaching my goal to keep up with my driving lessons to pass my test.
2019-10-16 22:03:41
"As Quoted From Yell " I'm a very nervous, low confident driver and always thinking and doubting myself if driving is my thing. Out of my 3 instructors only Mike was able to control and was able to tought me how to drive flawlessly maybe because of his father like / friendly approach. My experience with Omari automatic driving school has been amazing, always on time and on point with regards to his lessons. His direct to the point specially if you made a mistake, provide feedback and correct your bad habits. But he will give you compliments specially if you did a good job, I felt very at ease and confident now behind the wheel which is without a doubt not possible without his help. Can't wait to take my test this coming Nov 2019. Super duper highly recommend instructor :)
2019-10-16 22:02:28
"As Quoted From Yell "Best driving instructor I've had! And I've had 5... Mike is brilliant, he makes you feel so calm and relaxed. And the availability is good and they are very accommodating and understanding. Can't thank them enough and especially Mike, thank you Mike!!
2019-10-16 22:01:11
"As Quoted From Yell "Mike is the best teacher ever I just pass from the first test I just take few lessons it is magic The lessons with him is really amazing you can’t feel time and haw much your learning in few hours Thanks Mike
2019-09-28 21:05:06
"As Quoted From Yell " A big thank you Firstly, a big thank you for the amazing lessons. I am 17 and my first package was a surprise birthday present from my mum . I was very nervous to start . But with Omari automatic driving school , I am learning at my own pace. Mike always work with me to go over things which I am not very good at to try to perfect that to guarantee my pass. He is very nice and pleasant to drive and learn with ; the lesson is never boring."
2019-09-22 21:43:51
As Quotted From Yell: "THANK YOU Mike has been an excellent instructor! Not only he helped me build up my confidence but he also brushed my skills for the test and future driving . After failing several times with other instructors, his unique coaching and teaching has proven to work. Omari automatic driving school is very reliable with its instructors and tailored course that saves your money . I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to pass fast! Thank you Mike, thank you Omari automatic school"
2019-09-18 22:53:05
As Quotted From Yell: "Unforgarable moment with Mike & Omari Driving School “I had great and valued learning to drive and join Mike in OMARI Driving School! I was incredibly nervous when I started, but my driving instructor MIKE was really supportive and quick to build my confidence up. He was always calm and very patient and he taught me how to relax behind the wheel and control the driving moment on road . I am so happy that I can throw away my L plates!” BUT TODAY I PASSED MY TEST SO I WILL PUT( P) plates,,,,, for me unforgettable moments & After My passed first time with Omari driving school team and My instructor had a lovely calm and patient approach to allow you to gain confidence. Good tutoring and enjoyable lessons. Thanks and I promise you Mike that I will miss You & Omari driving school but will keep in touch..."
2019-09-18 22:50:23
As Quotted From Yell: "Moeiyed :Amazing instructor & The best school.... It is charming icon... Moeiyed Amazing instructor & The best school.... It is charming icon... I can truly say and mean every word that I Very pleased with my driving lessons...A-Z.. Mike is a great and amazing instructor with a lot of professional experiences and his teaching skills and many unique attitude and highly knowledgable make Mike is such an instructor who will not only teach you to drive but he is creative and Featured & he was distinguished instructor also Is my proud that I found chance to be one of his student . My instructor Mike supported and guided me through every obstacle I faced whilst driving till I passed my test . His techniques, punctuality and efficiency, along side his fun personality and friendly and definitely makes him the best driving instructor. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to take lessons and pass the test fast. But can not live our day with out to remember him and his accompany Thank you Mike & Omari driving school team !"
2019-09-18 22:49:31
As Quotted From Yell: "Best instructor in town. I feel myself so fortunate that I started my driving training with Mike. I was really afraid of being behind the wheels. But he taught me very professionally about basic skills, and then how to be confidant while making judgements on road about other vehicles on the road. He is really helpful and keep on pumping you to learn. Mike is such an instructor who will not only teach you to drive but he is too dedicated with his students that he make sure they learn and pass. He not only train the students for the test but also make sure they adopt such habits which are helpful for normal drive in their lives. I have passed my test, but I would definition renewer him always."
2019-09-18 22:48:00
As Quotted From Yell: "Its a great driving school. Thanks for making me pass the first time. Omari driving school is the best in Manchester. I was with another school but I switched to Omari driving school and it was decision and an amazing experience. Mike is really patient with the students, and he pushes you to the limit- which is really great. I’d recommend this driving school to anyone."
2019-09-16 23:11:34
As Quotted From Yell: "Passed my driving test first time Really thrilled that I passed my driving test! I couldn't have found a better driving instructor than Moo. I felt that my weak points were targeted in every lesson and the nature of the lessons was very relaxed, and helped me preform my best on the test day. Thank you so much Moo!"
2019-09-15 21:40:30
As Quotted From Yell: "Our daughter currently takes driving lessons with Mike. We can confidently say that Mike is the best instructor we could ask for. He is very encouraging , and corrects my daughters errors in a patient and polite way. Fingers crossed , with the correct ,full support shes getting from Mike , she will pass her test."
2019-09-14 22:47:18
As Quotted From Yell: "First time pass! Thank you Mike , Thank you Omari driving school for having such a great instructor like Mike. He is really friendly and patient. I got the best support and guidance. I can't thank him enough for his tuition. Thank you Mike"